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WinDoor Impact Resistant Windows & DoorsWinDoor Incorporated is a manufacturer of extruded Aluminum - Thermally Broken Aluminum and Vinyl High Proformance Doors & WinDow systems. They offer custom designed solutions to meet your high performance requirements, Impact or Non-Impact, acoustic, sound, or blast requirements. When it comes to custom designed solutions, their Engineering Department is second to none. Whatever your vision, they have the tools to make it happen. If you can imagine it, they can build it.

WinDoor manufactures high-end WinDows - Sliding Glass Doors & Terrace Doors for hurricane and severe weather markets. They offer aluminum, as well as energy-efficient vinyl and thermally-broken aluminum for all environments. Their craftsmanship, attention to detail, and ultra-high-performance ratings have made WinDoor Incorporated the product of choice for five-star resorts, luxury high-rise condominiums, and celebrity mansions along the US coastline.

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Tilt & Turn WinDow

The Tilt & Turn WinDow design offers builders and architects a very unique product for large openings in both residential and commercial markets. Commercial AAMA ratings beyond 100 can be achieved with these designs.

Available in white - Two Tone white & Bronze or choose any color under the sun ...Even woodgrain options.

WinDoor offers industry leader PPG, painted finishes. The standard White and Bronze colors are AAMA 2603 electrostatic applied paint is Duracron paint. They can also provide a finish better suited to meet the demands of  ocean front living, Duranar (70% Kynar) at an up-charge that meets AAMA 2605. Which ever you select, both finishes meet the highest industry standards.

Tilt & Turn WinDows have been the most popular choice in Europe for many years. By high demand the Vinyl Tilt & Turn WinDows are nowbeing requested for commercial and high-end residential marketsthroughout our nation.

WinDoor CustomWhen Architectal, Home Owners & Condo Builders are truley seeking that special product to complete their vision... They Choose.

Windoor Aluminum Windowws

WinDoor Aluminum

WinDoor line of Aluminum Impact Sliding Glass Doors are manufactured in accordance with the most stringent impact standards in the country- Miami-Dade protocols. WinDoor impact products are produced by using impact resistant laminated glass, heavy commercial-grade aluminum, and they only use the finest high-grade hardware available from stainless steel to our composite materials for our non-corrosive handles.

All of our WinDoor Sliding Glass Doors are custom made and can be custom-color matched to any decor. Thye're even available Two Tone - two different colors inside & out... Or choose from the Woodgrain options. Screens are available as well. The Rollers System highlights tandem rollers featuring Delrin wheels that allows the doors to operate easily and quietly. Standard 1 3/8 inch stainless steel housed adjustable rollers & BIG 3 inch Delrin wheel featured in the 8100 series.

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WinDoor Vinyl Impact Resistant Windows Doors

WinDoor Vinyl

Vinyl WinDows are strong, durable and resistant to abrasion and moisture. It also can withstand rust and corrosion, is electrically non-conductive and has good fire performance properties. “Because it is less than half petroleum, vinyl is the most energy-efficient plastic, and because it has been used for more than half century, it is one of the world’s most analyzed and tested materials.” It was originally developed by scientists in the 1920’s, who had no idea at the time that product would amount to so much.

ECO IMPACT VinylStudies have shown how vinyl products are more cost effective in comparison to other building products. For example, taking into account installation costs and maintenance for 20 years, a 1996 study found that one three-foot by four-foot wood double-hung WinDow costs about 10 percent more than a vinyl one. That cost is more significant if you consider the average home has 15 windows. The advantages of using vinyl are making it an increasingly popular choice in construction. In the 1980’s sales of vinyl windows increased dramatically. In fact, from 1992 to 1998, the sales of vinyl windows in residential new construction and remodeling jumped by nearly 125 percent. “Today, vinyl WinDows rivals traditional materials for aesthetics, durability, energy efficiency and value,” Very little maintenance is required with vinyl WinDows - They may require a periodic cleaning with a standard household cleaner but will never need to be painted, stained or otherwise treated to maintain their color and strength. And unlike other materials, vinyl windows will not chip, corrode, crack, peel or rot.”

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Product Approvals

From Miami-Dade Protocols - Florida Product Approvals to TDI Standards... WinDoor Products have been tested to withstand the highest design pressures in the industry.
Hurricane and wind-borne debris region building codes are a growing trend across the United States. With the incredible devastation caused by hurricanes and cyclones in wind-borne debris regions, greater emphasis has been placed on products that better protect life and property. Arguably, Miami-Dade County is the gold standard for hurricane product testing.

Cert Logos

States up and down the East Coast, the Gulf of Mexico, have implemented building codes (i.e. Florida Building Code and International Building Code) requiring the use of hurricane certified products. The Florida Building Code High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) provisions apply to both Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, Florida. The non-HVHZ provisions apply to the rest of Florida. Most other states have implemented the International Building Codes which require hurricane products for wind-borne debris regions. In addition, Caribbean Island builders are requiring stronger impact resistant products with Miami-Dade hurricane certification.

Wind-Borne Codes

Still standing  windoorAs coastal development and populations increase, damage to property during hurricanes and storms has intensified. A major cause of property damage and injury is the penetration of the building envelope by wind-borne debris caused by powerful wind,  rain and internal/external pressure changes.

I'm Still Standing...In 2004 a storm surge ripped-off the entire 2nd floor of this beach front home. Their WinDoor products made it through the storm. Because of that ... The client could re-build in the same location on the beach.

Defending Against Damage and Devastation, Protecting Property and People . . . Is smart and necessary as a growing list of Coastal States mandate the use of IMPACT resistant products in Wind-Borne Debris Regions.

 Anti-Terrorism Force Protection

A.T.F.P. Bomb Blast Criteria | GSA TS01 & ASTM F 1642-04

Blasts ProofMilitary Installations are looking to upgrade or in some cases build new base housing that have numerous challenges that are unique to their missions and operating protocols. We have the solution that can offer not only Bomb Blast/ Security but offers Energy Efficiency and Storm Protection as well.

Blast Protection Standards and Independent Testing

Several years ago, the General Services Administration (GSA) mandated a universal standard for measuring the level of blast protection. The GSA developed criteria for evaluation of acceptable levels of protection for the glass fragment hazard. This criteria is part of the comprehensive security criteria (GSA Security Criteria, Final Working Version, January 1997) developed by the GSA which includes physical security, electronic security, and many other criteria for blast considerations. The GSA has indicated a preference, but not a requirement, for open-air high explosive testing rather than shock tube testing. This is because current shock tube testing methods cannot adequately emulate air blast waveforms from real explosions and tend to be over-energetic at the same peak blast pressure level versus real explosions.*

Noise Reduction

WinDoor Sliding Glass Doors and WinDows are designed to achieve a significant reduction in the transmission of sound. The combination of laminated glass and low air infiltration will achieve a quieter, Studio - Private Home or Business Setting.
Architects,Interior designers and builders have a responsibility to design functional and safe sound environments. It is very difficult, if not impossible to meet these goals without considering acoustics.

A laboratory rating dubbed Sound Transmission Class (STC) is used to measure sound-deadening ability, The higher the STC number, the more sound is diminished.

STC Rating Description of Performance
30 Loud speech understood fairly well
35 Loud speech audible but unintelligible
42 Loud speech audible as a murmur
45 Must strain to hear loud speech
48 Some loud speech barely audible
50-55 Loud speech not audible

What is a STC Rating?

STC ratings are an established way to average how much sound is stopped by something. STC ratings are used for windows, doors, walls and most building materials. For windows, STC ratings range from 18 to 55 ... WinDoor we has a STC ranges up to 54 which fall into Loud Speech Not Audible range from 50-55.

STC rating measurement uses a special scale like the Richter Scale for earthquakes. An increase from 28 to 38 means 90% of the noise is reduced. A change from 28 to 43 represents a noise reduction of over 95%. Even the smallest increases can mean a lot of extra noise reduction. The increase from 38 to 43 mentioned above does not sound like much (90% versus 95+% in reductions) - but going from 90% to over 95% means that 60% of the remaining noise was removed... Every number represents a large amount of noise removed. The higher the STC, the more sound is stopped.

L.E.E.D Certification




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