Choosing the Right Product

Choosing The Right Product For You

Standard Series Header

  • Hurricane rated & code approved
  • Meets or exceeds building codes
  • Most cost effective options
  • Good 24/7 security/burglar resistance.
  • Increased noise reduction
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Available for condo/mid-rise applications 


High Proformance Series Header

  • Hurricane rated & code approved
  • Meets or exceeds building codes
  • Luxury features/trim/finishes
  • Thicker extrusions with added
    security/burglar resistance.
  • Designed to meet higher
    pressures requirements 
  • Larger size options
  • Increased noise reduction
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Frequently used by custom home
    builders and archtects.
  • Available for condo/mid-rise applications
  • Optional military and bomb blast products

Standard Series Header

  Impact Windows and Doors

High Proformance Series Header

  Impact Windows and Doors

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 Entry Doors Systems  Entry Doors Systems
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 Decrotive Door Glass Inserts
Brand-Teaser 1b2f6a79193478128d1f149616931503 Brand-Teaser RSL ae3ac5c831a25e855215d96345819439  Choosing Impact Windows and Doors

Window and Doors FactsHow To Choose the Right Impact Products

Cost is always a factor and is the realistic starting point. But price is typically directly related to a combination of product and installation quality. First decide on a budget for your project, and then determine how cost should be balanced with the following features:


All of our standard and high performance windows and doors are hurricane rated and code approved.

Frame thickness and material, product design, and glass types together with installation quality play a large factor in the ultimate product performance and strength.

For a good level of performance to protect your home and family that meets most building and insurance company requirements, our standard performance residential products meet the current building codes for most one and two story residential homes.

Property owners and builders requiring additional strength and product features will find the high performance windows and doors provide an even higher level of security, water, and weather resistance. These products are designed to exceed building demands now and in the future.

Aluminum or Vinyl: Extruded Aluminum frames are the current standard for strength and performance, while the more energy efficient vinyl products are typically reinforced with aluminum or galvanized steel to provide strength.

Energy Efficiency:

Since most of the surface area of a window or door is glass, the amount of heat that is transferred through the glass to the interior of a home or business can be worth some consideration.

UV rays are nearly completely blocked by the inherent properties of laminated impact glass, so furniture, draperies and flooring will be protected from fading.

The Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) is the primary concern in sunny climates where a window or door's exposure may benefit from tint, low-e energy efficient glass, or window blinds/shades.

From tinted and low-e energy efficient laminated impact glass to insulated impact glass, there are many glass options to improved energy efficiency.

Clear glass is perfect for shaded openings or those windows and doors that do not receive much direct sunlight. Clear glass allows the most light in when the goal is to brighten a room.

Standard tinted glass is available in gray, bronze, blue and green. These are the popular choice to reduce glare, light and heat coming through the glass.

For improved energy efficiency, low-e high performance glass coatings can be applied to an inner surface of laminated impact glass during the glass making process. Their metallic properties of these low-e coatings reflect an additional amount of heat to the exterior helping to keep the inside cooler.

For an even higher level of energy efficiency, insulated impact glass can be specified. These insulated impact glass units are comprised of the thick laminated impact glass sealed to an additional single pane of glass separated by an air space that is filled with an inert gas such as argon or krypton. In some instances, this single pane of glass is on the exterior of a home or business leaving this thin layer of glass venerable to breaking just like a standard non-impact window.

Noise Reduction:

Most property owners are amazed at how much quieter it is inside after installing impact windows and doors. Traffic sounds, lawn mowers, barking dogs, and other outside noise is significantly reduced due to the sound reduction properties of laminated impact glass. Standard impact glass is very effective in noise reduction, and the added air space and pane of glass of an insulated impact window improves the noise reduction even further.

These glass options together with frame construction, weather stripping, tight fitting frames and rubber seals create a noise barrier for a quieter interior.

Water Resistance:

Water can find its way through the smallest of spaces, and water resistance can be a factor for selecting a particular window and door brand or style. Standard performance windows and doors meet the basic water infiltration requirements and do good job of keeping most water on the outside during severe weather event. High performance windows and doors are designed to provide an even higher level of water resistance as storm pressures rise.

Installation Quality:

Obviously the best products are only as good as how well they are installed. Proper measuring, design, fastening and sealing combined with a knowledgeable and professional installation team will determine a product’s ultimate strength and performance.

Deciding who will be protecting your home and family is an important decision, and Atlantic Armor can provide the peace of mind you should expect for your next impact window and door project.

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