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What Makes a Door Energy Efficient?

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Energy-efficient and impact-rated

What Makes a Door Energy Efficient?

Savvy homeowners have known for years that energy-efficient products will help them save money on their cooling and heating costs.  But what makes a door energy efficient?  The most common features of energy-efficient doors include the use of materials such as fiberglass, wood cladding, or steel, with a polyurethane foam core, tightly-fitted weather stripping, and insulated glass panes (if door design includes glass). 

Energy Star, a program created by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), has been tasked with identifying and promoting energy–efficient products in order to reduce energy consumption.

To be considered energy-efficient, products must be:

  1. Are manufactured by an ENERGY STAR partner,
  2. Are independently tested, certified, and verified by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), and
  3. Have NFRC ratings that meet strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

But for homeowners living in High-Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ) energy-efficiency is just one part of the equation as potential damage from severe weather storms requires protection.  Recognizing the need for energy-efficient impact products, manufacturers began manufacturing energy-efficient impact windows and doors.

Estate Entrance Series 450 Doors:

The Estate Entrances Collection from CGI combines style, beauty, and strength into a unique line of entry doors on the market today.  The Collection offers a wide variety of door styles, finishes, hardware choices, glass types, and sizes.  In addition to an amazing looking entry for your home, you also get a hurricane and intruder resistant product that is durable and requires much less maintenance over time than wood doors.

  • 2” thick (nominal) door panels
  • Complete frame and threshold weatherstripping
  • LoE 366 and LoE 270 (optional)

Therma-Tru Impact Doors:

Therma-Tru’s impact rated products are a better way to protect your home against severe storm damage, including heavy winds, rain, and flying debris. And, like other Therma-Tru products, they offer beauty and style for strong curb appeal.

  • Enhanced performance against air/water infiltration by maximizing the seal between the door and the frame.
  • A polyurethane foam core. Therma-Tru fiberglass doors have a solid polyurethane foam core which is among the most energy-efficient door materials available today.
  • Energy-efficient glass. Most Therma-Tru decorative, as well as privacy and textured, glass is triple-pane for reduced heat flow. Factory-coated Low-E glass options deliver exceptional energy efficiency.


In addition to offering energy-efficient impact options, Plastpro also brings the latest technology advancements to the industry to meet customer concerns. Hydroshield Technology® protects against water infiltration on all sides of the door, eliminating warp, corrosion, rot, delamination, mold, and mildew.

  • Full-length composite top and bottom rails – Additional non-porous protection keeps water from seeping into the door and helps prevent the buildup of mold or mildew.
  • Fiberglass reinforced skin – Fiberglass is unmarred by the wear and tear of everyday use and is unaffected by moisture and humidity. Our doors will not rot, splinter or warp like wood, and won’t dent or delaminate like steel.
  • Full-length composite stiles – All Plastpro fiberglass entry doors feature full-length composite stiles to prevent water infiltration into the door and ensures our door will never warp, rot, or rust.

Vetrilite Overlay Art Glass System

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Stained glass and etched Impact Doors

Vetrilite Overlay Art Glass System

Homeowners replacing their front doors with impact-resistant swing doors can turn their entryway into a work of art using the Vetrilite Overlay Art Glass System.

Vetrilite has created a patent-pending, one-step process to manufacture true works of art for impact glass doors up to 49” wide and up to any height*!  Using a combination of textures, patterns, and colors, they are able to create the illusion of stained glass, as well as etched glass.  Custom designs are also available thanks to Vetrilite’s advanced digital imaging software and 3d technology.

In addition to creating beautiful, custom doors, Vetrilite Overlay Art Glass System is compatible with LowE and meets energy, structural and impact code compliance.  Furthermore, it is scratch and UV resistant, and comes with a 5-year warranty.  



Windsert Ventilating Doors

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Open the window and let in some fresh air

Windsert Ventilating Doors

Sometimes all you want to do is open the window and let in the fresh air!  While manufacturers offer impact doors with decorative impact glass inserts, the impact glass is generally fixed and does not open.  Windsert Door Systems has come up with a solution by creating an impact-glass-window-insert for doors and sidelites. 

Windsert Ventilating Doors inserts come in three sizes – full, three-quarters, and half – and have eight different options for tint, allowing homeowners to customize to select doors that appeal to their style and meet their privacy needs.  Each impact window insert comes with an impact-resistant, premium grade, High Tensile 304 Stainless Security mesh screen. 

In addition to being secure, Windsert Ventilating Doors are versatile.  They are perfect for beachside residents and are an excellent replacement for jalousie style doors, which are common in condominiums.  Other uses include patio doors, cabana bath doors, and side garage doors.  


Impact Security Screen Testing


How Therma-Tru Doors Keep Water Out

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Water Infiltration Tested Impact Doors

How Therma-Tru Doors Keep Water Out

Much like the three little pigs, Floridians spend their time and resources protecting their home from the big, bad storms.  But with all of the concern over the huffing and puffing of the wind, many homeowners don’t stop to think about how they will protect their home from water damage caused by storms.

For an impact door to become HVHZ (High-Velocity Hurricane Zone) approved it must pass a series of tests that include a missile test, cyclical test, and water infiltration.  Companies such as Therma-Tru test put their products through a simulated rainstorm to ensure that the door, frame, sill, weather stripping, hardware, etc., do not allow water to seep in.

Water infiltration testing is conducted in a certified test laboratory and involves spraying water across the outside face from a calibrated spray rack.  The test is designed to simulate storm conditions to verify that the door repels wind-driven rain.  


Check out this video from the Therma-Tru factory.


Blinds Between Impact Glass

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Energy Efficient and Convenient

Blinds Between Impact Glass

Blinds offer homeowners privacy and the ability to shut out light but can be a nuisance to clean and are prone to be damaged by small children and pets.  Impact glass companies RSL and ODL have come up with an innovative solution by sealing functioning blinds between two panels of glass.  Both companies’ glass inserts are compatible with popular impact fiberglass door brands Plastpro and Therma-Tru.

Blinds between impact glass inserts are easy to use.  To open, simply tilt the blinds into the open position using the smaller operator at the top of the track, then lower the larger operator in a smooth and steady motion to the bottom of the track.  Blinds between impact glass inserts also come in many sizes.  Homeowners can choose full-length, three-quarters, or half-length for standard size doors and side lights.  The thermally sealed impact glass helps energy savings by reducing heat loss in the winter and solar heat gain in the summer and is also available with Low-E glass.  Imagine never having to dust your window blinds again!  And because there are no exposed cords, they are child and pet-friendly.


How to Choose Front Door Impact Glass Inserts

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So many options!

How to Choose Front Door Impact Glass Inserts

Impact glass door inserts are a popular choice among homeowners interested in adding elegance and natural lighting to their home while maintaining security and energy efficiency.  Manufacturers such as RSL and ODL make impact glass door inserts that meet Florida HVHZ (high-velocity hurricane zone) requirements in a variety of styles and privacy levels.  When choosing impact glass door inserts, homeowners should take design, privacy, security, and energy efficiency into consideration. 

The most common design options for impact glass door inserts are decorative glass, which includes textured/beveled/Baroque/stained, clear glass, caming, or any combination of the aforementioned.

Textured Glass:

Textured glass is characterized by a distinct pattern that is impressed on the surface of the insert.  Textured glass offers a happy medium between clear and opaque, and has an average privacy rating.

Beveled Glass:

Beveled glass is made by taking thick glass and creating an angled surface cut (bevel) around the entire edge. Bevels refract light as it shines through, creating a color prism.  With the exception of the cut edges, beveled glass remains smooth and clear, giving it a relatively low privacy rating.

Baroque Glass:

Baroque glass is manufactured to look like hand-blown glass.  It tends to have bold, swirling patterns and color contrasts.  Since Baroque glass is [deliberately] distorted it has a moderate privacy level.

Stained Glass:

Stained glass offers more privacy as it can be either transparent (cathedral glass) or opaque (opalescent).  Stained glass can be used to accent a clear decorative window or used for the entire window.

Clear Glass:

Clear glass is exactly what it sounds like – clear glass.  While it allows the most natural light to shine through, it also has the lowest privacy rating.  Some homeowners opt to have their clear glass frosted to provide additional privacy.


Caming refers to the metal (zinc, brass, nickel) that binds the door glass elements together, however, several manufacturers offers Crystal Caming or “Clear Caming”. 



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Patio renovations are an extremely popular choice for homeowners as they offer both immediate value and future resale value.  Choosing impact-resistant patio doors to complement a patio renovation may leave some homeowners wondering which door bests suits his or her lifestyle.

Impact Sliding Glass Doors:

Impact sliding glass doors are framed panes of glass that open by rolling along tracks.  Up to 8 panes of glass can be placed on a multiple track configuration, creating relatively unobstructed views and allowing for multiple open access points.  The sliding function of the impact glass panes also saves space; unlike hinged doors, impact sliding glass doors do slide open rather than swinging open.  This is an ideal solution for small patio spaces.  However, impact sliding glass doors have limited options when it comes to glass; with the exception of tint and muntins (decorative grids), impact sliding glass doors cannot be etched and do not offer decorative glass features.

Impact French Doors:

Impact French doors are traditional hinged doors that swing open and utilize a turn handle.  Known for their beauty, impact French doors add charm and complement a variety of architectural styles.  They can be used to fit any size space as they are not limited to tracks.  Unlike impact sliding glass doors, impact French doors offer homeowners a variety of customizations options.  In addition to tint and muntins (decorative grids), homeowners can opt for decorative glass inserts such as RSL or ODL.  Impact French doors tend to be more expensive than impact sliding glass doors, costing approximately 30%-40% more on average.


In the past impact French doors were considered to be more secure than impact sliding glass door.  Present day impact sliding glass door manufacturers have solved this issue by introducing multiple point locking systems.  Both impact sliding glass doors and impact French doors now feature multiple point locking systems and because they are made with impact glass they are more secure than their non-impact counterparts.


Regardless if a homeowner chooses impact sliding glass doors or impact French doors, homeowners will have to perform regular maintenance.  All moving parts will need to be lubricated from time to time.  Luckily, the majority of maintenance will mostly pertain to cleaning with soap and water.


Both impact sliding glass doors and impact French doors come in aluminum and vinyl options.  For more information on vinyl versus aluminum please click this link.


Impact Entry Doors

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How to select an entrance door

Impact Entry Doors

As another hurricane season coming to an end, many Floridians breathe a sigh of relief.  With recent late season hurricane activity fresh in their minds, many Florida residents are looking into their options to protect their homes from future storms.  November’s cooler, dryer weather makes this time of the year ideal to retrofit homes with impact windows and doors.  While retrofitting an entire home with impact windows and doors provides security and convenience, it can also be costly.  A cost-efficient alternative is to start with replacing your front door.

Much like traditional doors, hurricane impact doors come in a variety of sizes, styles, and materials.  Homeowners interested in replacing their entry door with an impact door should take into consideration the amount of maintenance and cost associated with the material they choose.


Fiberglass impact doors are the most cost-efficient option available.  They are available in either a smooth or textured finish and can be painted or stained to match a home’s décor.  Fiberglass doors require minimal maintenance, however, they will need to be painted regularly to maintain the desired look.  One drawback is fiberglass doors have limitations on their size and configurations.


Aluminum impact doors are available in more sizes and configurations than their fiberglass counterparts but tend to be more expensive.  When selecting an aluminum impact door it is important that a homeowner is aware that aluminum impact doors cannot be painted.  A powder coat paint is applied and baked on at the factory.  One finished, an aluminum impact door does not need to be repainted.  Maintenance is also minimal, although homeowners near the coast may need to engage in more frequent cleanings.

Impact Glass:

Both fiberglass and aluminum offer designs with impact resistant glass inserts, allowing homeowners natural light.  Homeowners can choose from small glass windows all the way to full-length inserts.  Impact glass is made from two sheets of glass bonded together with a protective interlayer.  Tint and designs allow homeowners to choose their preferred level of privacy.


Introducing the SIW Pivot Door

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The only exterior hurricane resistant pivoting door in the industry!

Introducing the SIW Pivot Door

SIW has brought a new door to the market and it is amazing!  Prior to the pivot door homeowners only had two basic options for replacing their entry doors – a single door or double door.  Homeowners who had a single door with a sidelite tended to be even more limited with their choices as the size of the opening prevented them from being able to install a double door, forcing them to keep the sidelite.  SIW’s pivot door has given homeowners a solution to this problem.  In addition to being able to be configured to various opening sizes, the pivot door is a great choice for modern and contemporary homes. 

The pivot door can be manufactured up to 6 feet wide and 9 feet tall (per single panel) and comes with a standard 3-point locking system.  This safe and secure door exceeds both the Miami Dade and Florida Building Codes and features 7/16″ Laminated Impact Glass for full panels and 1″ Insulated Impact Glass for True Divided Lites.  


Same Door, Different Configurations

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CGI Estate Entrances

Same Door, Different Configurations

Most customers do not realize when looking around a showroom or at a brochure that most impact door manufacturers offer a variety configurations, allowing them to create a custom door.  CGI has a line dedicated exclusively to entrance doors called “CGI Estate Entrances Collection”, which allows customers to create custom doors.  The aluminum doors can be made-to-measure for most opening sizes while the ability to mix and match options allow customers to create a door that is unique to them.


Make Your Impact Door the Focal Point of Your Home

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Never sacrifice style!

Make Your Impact Door the Focal Point of Your Home

The exterior door of your home is the perfect focal point for the front of your house and finding an impact door that suits your taste and style has never been easier.  Just like standard doors, impact doors offer a broad selection of designs to accentuate every home’s architecture.  While impact doors tend to be made out of aluminum, steel, or fiberglass, they can be customized to fit just about any style.  Homeowners can opt for a more traditional wood finish, available in a variety of colors, a smooth finish, something contemporary, and anything in-between.  Additionally, impact doors offer selections with impact glass pane inserts, windows, and entrance doors made completely of impact glass.

Entrance impact doors with windows are an easy way to add visual appeal and allow light to enter your home.  Impact glass doors generally come with full glass, ¾ glass, ½ glass, or with horizontal or vertical windows, however, window designs can be fully customized.  Choosing impact glass with a texturized, tinted, or frosted finish will provide privacy without obstructing light.  Many manufacturers offer decorative wrought iron embellishments, which can be combined with multiple glass finishes (e.g. a combination of smooth and texturized glass pieces) to give your entrance a hand-crafted look.

Homes with large entrances can add side panels to their impact doors.  Side panels are a great way to truly customize the look of your home as they give you the ability to mix and match textures and colors.  Most impact door manufacturers produce side panels to match their collections, however, the choice is entirely up to the homeowner, and just like impact doors, impact side panels come in a variety of glass and solid designs. 



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Ercole High Security Doors

ErcoleNot sure what security door is right for you? Do an inventory of what matters most. High security with a flair for design? Coastal area prone to hurricanes? Safe room? The options with Ercole doors are almost limitless. They have 150 material types to choose from! Do you need burglar resistant? Drill resistant? Vandal proof? Hurricane resistant? Or even AK-47 bullet resistant armor plating? It is possible with these doors and windows. They have drawn steel hinges and up to 16 locking points. For the techie, they have motorized opening systems with finger print or facial recognition, keyless entry, digital viewers, and even ECM (Event control management) integrated. With finishes in wood, glass, natural stone, leather, metal, or resin, there is an Ercole product that would suit almost anyone. Ercole Doors are custom made to your exact specifications. Atlantic Armor is an authorized Ercole dealer and can be contacted at (954) 770-0726 to answer any questions.






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