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CGI Windows & Doors is the premier manufacturer of hurricane impact resistant windows and doors. Produced to the most exacting industry standards, our high performance, high aesthetic product collections offer advanced hurricane protection of home and commercial structures, in both new and existing construction. Made of heavy commercial-grade aluminum, impact-resistant laminated glass and the finest hardware, our windows and doors exude strength and beauty – a function of our workmanship, pride and engineering excellence.

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 What sets CGI apart from the competition?

CGI Impact Window and Door Retail Dealer in BrowardPerformance, appearance, and quality. We know how important protecting your family is. Why leave it up to chance? CGI’s performance ratings are unparalleled in the industry. Our internal quality standards go beyond those of any other manufacturer. Architects, consumers, dealers and manufacturers alike recognize our reputation for quality.

  • CGI’s windows and doors are test-proven to be the strongest products on the market today.
  • CGI’s impact resistant windows can be installed on virtually any building, including high-rise buildings, and meet the most stringent impact code requirements.
  • CGI offers 10’ tall impact resistant Single-Hung windows, French Doors, and Sliding Glass Doors.
  • CGI’s Estate Collection Designer Fixed Windows actually match the sightlines of our other operable windows.
  • CGI’s Estate Collection hurricane doors are available and approved in both in-swing and out-swing configurations.
  • The hinges for CGI’s Estate Collection hurricane doors are made by Hager and are fabricated from solid brass or stainless steel.
  • CGI holds three separate patents for components we use in our impact resistant products. We’re always innovating. Our three point door lock mechanism for our French Doors allow for improved security, operation and product strength. The patented design of the sash carrier on the Single-Hung and the patented quad roller system on the 375 Estate Horizontal Rolling Window improve the smoothness of the window operation and its functionality.

Sentinel by CGI

Sentinel Windows and Doors are the best choice to satisfy your window and door needs.Call today to learn more and see why an investment in Sentinel is the right decision and an outstanding value.

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estate collectionCGI’s Estate Collection can be found in elegant homes, prestigious resorts, hotels, schools and office buildings. CGI’s Estate Collection combines best-in-class performance against hurricane force damage with architectural-grade quality.
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estate collection raCommercial Series by CGI can be found in prestigious resorts, hotels, schools and office buildings. The Series combines best-in-class performance against hurricane force damage with handcrafted details and superior engineering.
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Visit Atlantic Armor’s show rooms and ask to see examples of different products. A well-made window not only should perform under severe weather conditions, but should enhance the beauty of your home. At any price point, a manufacturer’s attention to fit and finish and details like the designs of its muntin and glazing beads are just some of the obvious differences.

Evaluate the strength of the impact window or door based on its design load (PSF- Pounds per Square Foot). The design load is the product’s ability to resist forces like that created by hurricane winds. Not all impact windows are created equal: they are approved at different levels of performance. The higher the PSF, the stronger the product. Compare the PSF rating to understand how products differ in strength. As an example, CGI’s 360 Single Hung hurricane window is approved as high as 210 PSF (equates to 290 MPH winds).

Consider the product’s original intent when it was designed. Are you buying a product like CGI’s that was designed specifically to sustain the heavy impact of hurricane winds? Or, are you buying a product that has been modified to be able to meet only a marginal impact requirement? CGI specializes in impact resistant products unlike some other manufacturers. That means that 100 percent of our research and development is devoted to impact resistance.

CGI’s impact resistant windows and doors are designed to higher performance thresholds. The benefits far outweigh the cost difference, and in many cases, the cost difference is minimal. Keep in mind; it’s not only the performance in a storm, but also the longevity of the product that makes it worth buying. The product features that make CGI products stronger also allow them to last much longer than the competition. We stand behind our products with an industry leading warranty. If you are considering purchasing impact resistant windows or doors, you owe it to yourself to understand the long term value difference between CGI and the other competitors.


  • Save on your heating and cooling bill by selecting from a wide variety of energy efficient glass choices including tinted glass, Lo-E coatings and insulated glass. Choose your glass type based on where you live and your budget. For example, tinted laminated glass may be the most cost effective impact resistant glazing option. Consider tinted laminated for warm climates such as Florida and the Caribbean.

    CGI-Sentinel-Energy Saving Options

  • Broward Florida Sentinel Windows & Doors Product Line Styles
  • Breakers Hotel Chose CGI WindowsFounded in 1896 on the oceanfront of Palm Beach, The Breakers is one of the most iconic and luxurious hotels in the world. It is world-renowned for offering its guests exceptional experiences. When it came time to renovate the property, nothing but the best would do. To provide world class hurricane protection while remaining true to the building’s historical appearance, the hotel selected CGI Estate Collection windows for 400 of its guest rooms. Made with heavy, commercial-grade aluminum frame construction, the CGI Estate Collection single-hung window has the stylish look of a traditional singlehung with the superior performance of a contemporary impact resistant window.

    The combination of sturdy construction and impact-resistant glass offers superior hurricane protection and security.
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