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The exterior door of your home is the perfect focal point for the front of your house and finding an impact door that suits your taste and style has never been easier.  Just like standard doors, impact doors offer a broad selection of designs to accentuate every home’s architecture.  While impact doors tend to be made out of aluminum, steel, or fiberglass, they can be customized to fit just about any style.  Homeowners can opt for a more traditional wood finish, available in a variety of colors, a smooth finish, something contemporary, and anything in-between.  Additionally, impact doors offer selections with impact glass pane inserts, windows, and entrance doors made completely of impact glass.

Entrance impact doors with windows are an easy way to add visual appeal and allow light to enter your home.  Impact glass doors generally come with full glass, ¾ glass, ½ glass, or with horizontal or vertical windows, however, window designs can be fully customized.  Choosing impact glass with a texturized, tinted, or frosted finish will provide privacy without obstructing light.  Many manufacturers offer decorative wrought iron embellishments, which can be combined with multiple glass finishes (e.g. a combination of smooth and texturized glass pieces) to give your entrance a hand-crafted look.

Homes with large entrances can add side panels to their impact doors.  Side panels are a great way to truly customize the look of your home as they give you the ability to mix and match textures and colors.  Most impact door manufacturers produce side panels to match their collections, however, the choice is entirely up to the homeowner, and just like impact doors, impact side panels come in a variety of glass and solid designs. 

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