Impact Windows – A Smart Renovation Investment!

How Replacing Your Windows Can Save You Money

One of the many joys of owning a home is the freedom to customize it.  Well thought-out renovations increase a home’s resale value and with an average recoup of 70%, kitchen and bathroom renovations tend to be the most popular and the most costly in terms of home renovations.  However, when a renovation is too style-specific or the quality of the renovation differs from the neighborhood norm, it can create an obstacle when the time comes to sell.  The good news is homeowners have another renovation option that will increase their resale value, improve energy efficiency, increase home security, reduce utility bills, and be less likely to deter prospective buyers. 

According to HGTV, CNBC, and CBS, replacing a home’s windows not only has a national average recoup rate of 89%, in areas such as Southeast Florida homeowners generally recoup more than they spend on the actual renovation; and swapping out your front door can recoup 75%.  John Corbett, the founder of Atlantic Armor Inc., has specialized in retrofitting homes with impact windows and doors for over 15 years.  Impact windows and doors have become a growing trend among South Florida homeowners as a convenient and attractive alternative to hurricane shutters, and for the many additional benefits they provide.

“While impact windows have a higher upfront cost than standard windows, they provide a significant, lasting value to the homeowner,” says Corbett. “For many reasons, such as limited physical mobility, frequent travel, or false alarms generated by approaching hurricanes, most homeowners recognize the convenience of never having to shutter their homes again.  Impact windows also provide added benefits such as noise reduction, energy efficiency, UV protection, heightened intruder protection, and home insurance discounts.”

Multiple layers of laminated impact glass filter out up to 99% of UV rays, protecting floors, drapery, and furniture from fading.  The thickness of the glass not only thwarts attempted break-ins, it also greatly reduces outside noise making it an ideal choice for homeowners living near highways, airports, or busy areas with noise pollution.  In addition to giving homeowners peace of mind, impact windows often lower utility bills and qualify homeowners for insurance discounts and tax credits. 

“For impact windows and doors to be effective they must be tightly sealed and secured to the structure.  In doing so, energy is prevented from escaping through gaps in the frames making the doors and windows energy efficient.” Corbett explained, “Homeowners also have the option of adding tint, which is built into the glass (not a film), using LoE glass to reflect heat waves and glare, and/or opting for insulated impact glass, which has an air pocket, to reduce temperature transmission for even higher energy efficiency.”

From a design perspective, companies such as CGI, Windoor, PGT, and Plastpro offer a staggering array of stylish, custom-made, impact resistant windows and doors to compliment every architectural style.  With beauty, form, and function, impact resistant doors and windows are a smart choice for home renovation and would be money well spent.    

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