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This Cooper City home was recently upgraded to a new hurricane rated 6-panel fiberglass impact door with a Venetian bronze Baldwin Reserve Delmar handle set. The homeowner's new entrance door was a cost effective and attractive upgrade that instantly provided them with an energy efficient, code approved and burglar resistant hurricane door.


The installation was completed in one day, and the building inspection was finalized on the next business day with minimal disturbance to their home or schedule.


Homeowner's should have at least one hinged Impact rated door if they have shutters covering the rest of their openings as a quick and safe means of egress in case of fires or other emergencies.


Plastpro Impact Doors are HVHZ hurricane rated and engineered to withstand penetration of flying objects while maintaining all of the beauty of a decorative panel door. The molded skins will not splinter, dent, warp, rust or rot and the surface is easy to paint, stain, and clean.



Save Time and Stress with Impact Resistant Windows and Doors

save-timeDo you wish there were more than 24 hours in the day? For most of us, time is precious,
time is money, and we all want more of it. How can impact products help you save time and stress?

One has to physically be on location to close shutters or put  up panels. If a storm arrives unexpectedly when you are out of town, you could compromise the safety of your home. Not all of us have kindly neighbors or family who can spare the time to make sure our house and theirs are secure.

Installation times for an entire home for panels can range from one hour to one day. Between work, kids, and other responsibilities sometimes we just don’t have time to get everything accomplished.

Why take the chance of not being equipped in time? With impact windows and doors, you no longer have to worry about any of these issues.

Your home will be prepared and ready all year round. More benefits of impact include: no more eternal darkness from coverings over your windows, more time to stock up on necessary items, and peace of mind when you go out of town.


Impact and Noise Reduction

People are often surprised when one of the more overlooked benefits of impact products,
noise reduction, occurs. Suddenly their house is quieter.

noise-reductionSound is transmitted through a home’s feeblest points, the windows and doors. Even if you have strong walls, a weak window will almost completely prevent any noise reduction the walls would have provided. The combination of laminated glass and low air infiltration of impact products greatly increases their STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating. For instance, WinDoor products have a STC range up to 54.

CGI, Windoor, and PGT WinGuard products can provide up to 32% noise reduction for aircraft, railroad and vehicular traffic noise versus a dual pane window.

Impact products will not only help you sleep at night by protecting you from storms, but
also because they will provide less distraction from the outside world.


South Florida Impact and Energy Efficiency

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We all hear about how energy efficiency enhances comfort, lowers bills, and saves the environment, but does it really make a difference? Would we have heard so much about it, otherwise? Let’s take a quick look.

energy-starSouth Florida is known for its beautiful tropical climate, but it can reach into sweltering temperatures of 90 degrees Fahrenheit or more. Our air conditioning units are in full swing almost year round. If you have leaky windows, you could be losing countless money on utility bills. According to the EPA, by outfitting your home with the proper products, such as impact energy efficient windows and doors, you can save up to 20% on heating and cooling costs. Furnishing your home with energy efficient impact windows and doors helps to generate a more even temperature year round, create fewer drafts, and make your home more comfortable. Your air conditioning unit will then be able to relax and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

It is hard to argue with information such as this. Being energy efficient definitely makes a difference in your home and the environment. Stay tuned for more information on how impact products can make a difference in our everyday lives.





Impact Doors Installation Davie

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Broward Professional Impact Windows & Doors Installation

New windows and door can have a dramatic effect on a home’s overall appearance. This client in Plantation upgraded their aging and inefficient awning windows to new PGT WinGuard Impact Windows and Impact Doors.

The large size of their front window opening set up perfectly to replace with the clean lines of new casement windows. Two impact glass casement windows on each end of a large 50% fixed glass impact window created a modern look that instantly updated the home’s curb appeal.

The vertical lines of the horizontal sliding impact windows for the two smaller front openings coordinate well with the casement window while providing a more cost effecting solution.

The day of the installation, the homeowner didn’t recognize her own house and drove right by.

Not only did their new impact windows transform the look of their home, but they now enjoy the additional benefits of built-in storm protection, noise reduction, and burglar resistance.

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