Hurricane Hermine Causes Severe Damage

First Hurricane To Make Landfall Since 2005

Hurricane Hermine Causes Severe Damage

En route to Georgia, hurricane Hermine weakens into a tropical storm, but not before leaving Florida residents without power.  Hermine, the first hurricane to reach Florida since Wilma (2005), made landfall early this morning, drenching Florida’s “Big Bend” with rain and violent 80mph wind.  Damages from Hermine’s aftermath includes thousands of residents being left without power, downed trees, flooding, injuries, and one reported death.  The death, reported in Marion County, occurred when a downed tree fell onto a tent in a homeless camp in Ocala.  Taylor County, which also reported serious injuries, received nearly 10 feet of storm surge. 

Prior to the storm several local officials issued mandatory evacuation and warned residents of potential flooding.  Governor Rick Scott issued a state of emergency for 51 counties, calling hurricane Hermine “life-threatening”.  With stagnant flood water now an issue, the concern of the Zika virus spreading has elevated.  However, Ben Beard of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a statement saying “We associate severe rain events like tropical events and hurricanes with increases in nuisance mosquitoes, not disease-spreading (mosquitoes).”  


Hurricane Preparedness

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Time To Dust Off Your Plan

Hurricane Preparedness

It’s the height of hurricane season and most Floridians know the drill by now, but chances are it’s been a while since you looked at your hurricane preparation plan.  Here are some things you need to consider when preparing for hurricane season.


Keep cash and copies of important papers and documents in a portable, waterproof container.  Be sure to include family contact information, prescription medications and glasses, and forms of I.D.  Before the storm arrives set your refrigerator to its coldest setting and make sure you fill your car tank with fuel.

Make sure you store enough non-perishable food for three days, plus one gallon of water per-person-per-day for at least three days.  If you have pets or infants be sure to include enough food, formula, and water for them for three days as well.  Keep disposable cups, plates, utensils, paper towels, and a manual can opener with your food supply.

Pack an extra change of clothes, closed-toe shoes, undergarments, diapers (if applicable), blankets and/or sleeping bags.  Include personal, feminine, and oral hygiene products.  Wet wipes are great for keeping kids and adults clean in a pinch. 


The first step to protecting yourself is protecting your home.  Make sure all openings (doors and windows) are protected and are able to lock securely.  Trim tree branches away from your home, remove any loose yard decorations, unclog rain gutters, and secure any loose boards.  If possible purchase a generator for your home.  This is especially important if you or a family member rely on a home medical machine.

Keep a first aid kit and home safety essentials such as a battery-powered or hand-crank radio, flashlights, and extra batteries in case of power loss.  A few tool such as a wrench or pliers, duct tape, and plastic sheets will allow you to secure your home if it suffers damage.  Additional items you may want to consider are dust masks to filter contaminated air, a whistle to signal for help, waterproof matches, and a fire extinguisher.


In the event you need to evacuate you will need to know the local hurricane evacuation route(s), especially if you live in an area with limited evacuation routes. For individuals with limited mobility or rely on public transportation, FEMA offers a commuter emergency plan, which is available for download.  Discuss a family emergency meeting place beforehand and plan a strategy for reconnecting in the event anyone becomes separated during a storm and is unable to communicate through traditional methods.

Final Thoughts:

Keeping your family calm and collected in the event of a hurricane may seem daunting, but small things such as toys, coloring books, and games can help ease worried minds.


Tropical Storm Gaston To Strengthen Into A Hurricane

Right on the heels of tropical invest 99L

Tropical Storm Gaston To Strengthen Into A Hurricane

Yesterday Florida dodged a bullet known as “tropical invest 99L” – the tropical depression that could have been Tropical Storm Hermine but ultimately dissipated.  Right on the heels of this comes news that Tropical Storm Gaston is anticipated to strengthen into a hurricane by Saturday.  Satellite images show clear, circularly-defined cloud formations and tropical-storm-force winds extending up to 150 miles from the center.  Despite this, the National Hurricane Center has not yet issued any advisories and currently predicts that Gaston will lose speed over the next few days while its trajectory shifts to the north-northwest.  


2016 Predicted to be Most Active Hurricane Season

Florida Enters Peak Hurricane Season

2016 Predicted to be Most Active Hurricane Season

The last four years have been fairly mild regarding hurricanes and tropical storms but that is expected to change.  Two weeks ago NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) predicted a 70% chance of 12-17 named storms, making 2016 the most active hurricane season since 2012.

Although Floridians can breathe a sigh of relief now that tropical invest 99L has been deemed “too weak to classify” and is no longer being monitor by the National Hurricane Center unless “regeneration occurs”, Floridians still need to keep their eyes peeled and their homes prepared.  Not far in the Atlantic Tropical Storm Gaston lingers and as we enter the peak of hurricane season, mid-august through late October, hurricane season is far from over.


Which Type of Impact Window is Right for You?

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How to Select Impact Windows for Your Home.

Which Type of Impact Window is Right for You?

“A house without books is like a room without windows.” – Horace Mann. And a house without windows is not a house.  Windows play a vital role in daily life, providing natural light and views to the outside world while protecting us from the elements.  And in return homeowners maintain their windows by cleaning them, decorating them, and protecting them from storms.  Homeowners seeking to retrofit their homes with impacts windows may be overwhelmed with the options available to them.

To make the selection process easier homeowners should know there are four basic types of impact windows:

Fixed Windows:

Fixed impact windows (also called picture windows) do not open or close.  These windows are ideal for hard-to-reach places or as key architectural design components.  Fixed impact windows come in many shapes and sizes.

Single Hung Windows:

Single-hung windows have a movable lower sash that slides to open vertically. 

Horizontal Roller Windows:

Horizontal rolling impact windows slide side-to-side (similar to a sliding glass door).   

Casement Windows:

Casement impact windows (also called crank windows) project out by operating a durable crank.

Once one or more impact window types are selected homeowners can then venture into the different styles offered by the manufacturer.  One of the most basic steps is to decide whether or not have muntins (grids) in the windows.  From there homeowners can opt for styles such as modern, contemporary, traditional, to suit their personal taste.  Additional features such as tinting, LoE, and argon gas insulated panes are also available. 


Make Your Impact Door the Focal Point of Your Home

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Never sacrifice style!

Make Your Impact Door the Focal Point of Your Home

The exterior door of your home is the perfect focal point for the front of your house and finding an impact door that suits your taste and style has never been easier.  Just like standard doors, impact doors offer a broad selection of designs to accentuate every home’s architecture.  While impact doors tend to be made out of aluminum, steel, or fiberglass, they can be customized to fit just about any style.  Homeowners can opt for a more traditional wood finish, available in a variety of colors, a smooth finish, something contemporary, and anything in-between.  Additionally, impact doors offer selections with impact glass pane inserts, windows, and entrance doors made completely of impact glass.

Entrance impact doors with windows are an easy way to add visual appeal and allow light to enter your home.  Impact glass doors generally come with full glass, ¾ glass, ½ glass, or with horizontal or vertical windows, however, window designs can be fully customized.  Choosing impact glass with a texturized, tinted, or frosted finish will provide privacy without obstructing light.  Many manufacturers offer decorative wrought iron embellishments, which can be combined with multiple glass finishes (e.g. a combination of smooth and texturized glass pieces) to give your entrance a hand-crafted look.

Homes with large entrances can add side panels to their impact doors.  Side panels are a great way to truly customize the look of your home as they give you the ability to mix and match textures and colors.  Most impact door manufacturers produce side panels to match their collections, however, the choice is entirely up to the homeowner, and just like impact doors, impact side panels come in a variety of glass and solid designs. 


7 Tips for Choosing a Reliable Contractor

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How to select a qualified contractor to install your impact windows and doors

7 Tips for Choosing a Reliable Contractor

Know What You Want:

Before contacting contractors know the specifics of what you want and your budget.  Determine your main priorities.  Do you live in a home with difficult-to-reach windows and prefer to replace just those?  Perhaps you want to enhance your home’s curb appeal or resale by replacing all of the openings with impact windows and doors.  Do you want any custom designs?  Whatever your goals are for replacing your windows and doors with impact ones, know them ahead of time.

Get Recommendations:

Speaking with someone who has already undergone a similar project is an excellent source of first-hand information.  They can provide insight regarding the quality of workmanship, price, and project turnaround-time.  Ask for additional details such as customer service provided by the contractor’s office or how the contractor handled any problems that may have occurred; did the contract efficiently communicate with the homeowner or were they difficult to reach?  Ask your neighbors, friends, family, coworkers, or anyone you may know in the building trade for references.  Chances are they can steer you in the right direction.


Interview Several Contractors:

Interview at least three contractors and meet them in person.  Visit the contractor’s and/or manufacturer’s showroom.  Make sure they (and their subcontractors) are licensed and insured and obtain copies of both.  Ask them how many other projects they would they have going at the same time, do they take on projects of your size, and how long have they worked with their subcontractors?


Once you have narrowed down your options do your research.   Look online to see how the contractor is rated with consumer reporting agencies and regulatory boards, if they have recently experienced any good or bad publicity, and search local court records for any recent lawsuits that may have been filed against the contractor.  See if you can talk to current customers or clients they recently finished

Set Up a Timeline:

Once you have selected a contractor sit down with them and create a timeline for your project.  Discuss what permits are necessary, agree on times for the workers to arrive, where they will park, and permissible entrances the workers may to use to enter your home.  Verify the contractor’s insurance so you know what is covered by your homeowners insurance and what is covered by your contractor’s business insurance.  Set up a payment plan and get everything in writing.


Call your contract or speak to them in person regarding any questions, concerns, or changes in plans.  If you see something that you want to be changed or fixed be sure to address it immediately.  It is easier to correct potential issues when they arise rather than wait until everything is completed.



Finally, Financing for Hurricane Protection!

Ygrene becomes available to more Florida Homeowners.

Impact Windows Doors

Ygrene recently became available to more Florida homeowners in need of financing for hurricane protection.  Originating in California, Ygrene was co-founded in 2006 by Dennis Hunter with the intention of making financing for energy efficiency, renewables, water conservation, and, in certain areas, hurricane protection renovations, readily available with no upfront costs!  Over the subsequent years, Ygrene has secured strong financial partnerships with multiple local banks to create its award-winning, privately funded program. 

So what does this mean for Florida homeowners? For those living in areas with PACE (property assessed clean energy) financing it means 100% no money down financing for qualifying projects.  PACE payments are made through property tax bills, may transfer with the property upon sale, and may offer tax benefits to the property owner as well.  PACE financing can be repaid with terms of up to 30 years depending on service area and type of improvement.

This is great news for homeowners desiring to retrofit their homes with impact doors and windows but are strapped for cash or are planning on selling in the near future have a viable source of financing. 

To see how impact windows and doors can reduce your utility bills, protect from home invasions, and increase your resale value please see our article.


Impact Windows – A Smart Renovation Investment!

How Replacing Your Windows Can Save You Money

Impact Windows – A Smart Renovation Investment!

One of the many joys of owning a home is the freedom to customize it.  Well thought-out renovations increase a home’s resale value and with an average recoup of 70%, kitchen and bathroom renovations tend to be the most popular and the most costly in terms of home renovations.  However, when a renovation is too style-specific or the quality of the renovation differs from the neighborhood norm, it can create an obstacle when the time comes to sell.  The good news is homeowners have another renovation option that will increase their resale value, improve energy efficiency, increase home security, reduce utility bills, and be less likely to deter prospective buyers. 

According to HGTV, CNBC, and CBS, replacing a home’s windows not only has a national average recoup rate of 89%, in areas such as Southeast Florida homeowners generally recoup more than they spend on the actual renovation; and swapping out your front door can recoup 75%.  John Corbett, the founder of Atlantic Armor Inc., has specialized in retrofitting homes with impact windows and doors for over 15 years.  Impact windows and doors have become a growing trend among South Florida homeowners as a convenient and attractive alternative to hurricane shutters, and for the many additional benefits they provide.

“While impact windows have a higher upfront cost than standard windows, they provide a significant, lasting value to the homeowner,” says Corbett. “For many reasons, such as limited physical mobility, frequent travel, or false alarms generated by approaching hurricanes, most homeowners recognize the convenience of never having to shutter their homes again.  Impact windows also provide added benefits such as noise reduction, energy efficiency, UV protection, heightened intruder protection, and home insurance discounts.”

Multiple layers of laminated impact glass filter out up to 99% of UV rays, protecting floors, drapery, and furniture from fading.  The thickness of the glass not only thwarts attempted break-ins, it also greatly reduces outside noise making it an ideal choice for homeowners living near highways, airports, or busy areas with noise pollution.  In addition to giving homeowners peace of mind, impact windows often lower utility bills and qualify homeowners for insurance discounts and tax credits. 

“For impact windows and doors to be effective they must be tightly sealed and secured to the structure.  In doing so, energy is prevented from escaping through gaps in the frames making the doors and windows energy efficient.” Corbett explained, “Homeowners also have the option of adding tint, which is built into the glass (not a film), using LoE glass to reflect heat waves and glare, and/or opting for insulated impact glass, which has an air pocket, to reduce temperature transmission for even higher energy efficiency.”

From a design perspective, companies such as CGI, Windoor, PGT, and Plastpro offer a staggering array of stylish, custom-made, impact resistant windows and doors to compliment every architectural style.  With beauty, form, and function, impact resistant doors and windows are a smart choice for home renovation and would be money well spent.    

Florida Impact Window Door



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Ercole High Security Doors

ErcoleNot sure what security door is right for you? Do an inventory of what matters most. High security with a flair for design? Coastal area prone to hurricanes? Safe room? The options with Ercole doors are almost limitless. They have 150 material types to choose from! Do you need burglar resistant? Drill resistant? Vandal proof? Hurricane resistant? Or even AK-47 bullet resistant armor plating? It is possible with these doors and windows. They have drawn steel hinges and up to 16 locking points. For the techie, they have motorized opening systems with finger print or facial recognition, keyless entry, digital viewers, and even ECM (Event control management) integrated. With finishes in wood, glass, natural stone, leather, metal, or resin, there is an Ercole product that would suit almost anyone. Ercole Doors are custom made to your exact specifications. Atlantic Armor is an authorized Ercole dealer and can be contacted at (954) 770-0726 to answer any questions.







Security Doors

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Security Doors

Security Pic

The state of the world: terrorist attacks, riots, burglaries; the list goes on and is frightening. If you watch the news at any time of day you will see it is no longer a world where we leave our doors unlocked at night. According to the FBI, in 2013, there were an estimated 8,632,512 property crime offenses in the nation with 23,200 robberies in Florida alone.

Security doors add a level of safety and protection while maintaining or improving the stylish look of your home. They provide peace of mind by securing your home, family, valuables, and pets. They also add value and save money with increased energy efficiency, noise reduction, and durability.

There are varying levels of security available for impact doors. You may choose from doors with no glass, those with laminated impact glass, decorative impact glass, doors with multi-point locks, and even high security steel forced entry door options with vault type bolts that can be ballistic/armor plated to provide the highest level of home protection.

Don’t add to the statistics or wait until it’s too late. The time to protect you and your family is before you need it. Secure your home now and sleep better!


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Door Makeover



This home in Davie sought to update their handles with modern equipment, but keep the antique inspired look intact. As on can see, the old handle’s finish was worn in the high use areas of the product. These areas no longer matched the rest of the product!

The homeowner’s decided it was time for a Keyless entry deadbolt. The Baldwin Estate keyless entry has a premium one-touch locking motorized deadbolt and back-lit keypad. They also purchased the matching Estate Boulder sectional handle and ring knocker. 

The oil rubbed bronze finish on the Baldwin piece has a matte black appearance in the beginning, but over time it reveals subtle bronze highlights. It is meant to age. Unlike the previous handleset.

“Now I feel like I’m gripping doors to a castle!” –James


Pet Safety

Hurricane Preparedness

PetsDon't forget to keep your pet safe during a hurricane.

Questions to ask yourself:

Have you included a plan for your pet in the event of a storm?

Does your pet have identification tags?

Can you take them with you in the event of an evacuation?

Make sure to:

Keep your pet comfortable by creating a familiar area for it to stay and keep favorite toys and blankets nearby.

Just like for humans, pets need at least a two-week supply of food, water and any medications.


Atlantic Armor


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Hurricane Preparation

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Everyone has a list of necessities such as water and non-perishables, but what about your electronic data? Homework, budget spreadsheets, and work reports are just a few of the things that can be lost from a Hurricane power outage or surge, not to mention cherished family photos and videos. Here are a few tips to keep your most precious non tangible items safe.

  1. Back-up your files. There are a slew of free cloud based apps and sites (make sure you use a trusted source), external drives or CD/DVDs, or subscription back-ups.

  2. Email any important documents to yourself.

  3. Make sure your cellular device is fully charged and has all of your emergency contacts.

  4. Unplug all electronics and keep them away from windows or other areas that have possible water infiltration.

  5. Store cords, batteries, and other delicate electronic wares in plastic bags or sealed containers.


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